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Has your brand lost its way?

Perhaps it's time to re-group and take flight in the right direction?

Migration seems like an exhausting journey but it could well be life-saving.

Companies change over time. Perhaps one day you were a one-man band getting a few graphics printed for clients via a third-party. Now you've been in the print business twenty plus years and you've progressed to hundreds of thousands of pounds of print equipment, churning out huge exhibitions for the O2, at your own premises. And the thing is, you don't really know how you came that far! You've never taken stock to think about who you are as a brand, because business kept rolling in and it was never a priority.

So why do it now? Well, probably because you're being pulled in so many directions, you've lost the ability to tell which way is up.

When you were first in business, you didn't care where the work came from. Any work was good work. You didn't care about the margins, whether the work truly excited you or whether it made a good social media 'brag' post! Mostly because social media wasn't a thing back in the old days!

But, fast forward to today, and you're getting pulled in all directions. You've got the big corporates insisting on your 'Net 0' sustainability credentials, whilst Joe Bloggs the white van man, is chewing your ear off because the sustainable options are 'too pricey mate in'it'.

Yo-yoing between these vast and opposing spectrums is challenging. Ultimately you're not able to stay true to the business you'd rather be. Except, you never actually decided on what you'd rather be, because the whole thing ran away with you too quickly. The truth of the matter is - it's probably not that your brand lost its way ... it's likely that it was never really found.

Taking stock can make you re-evaluate your business positioning in today's environment. What values are really important to your business right now? Perhaps they've changed from twenty years ago so your brand needs to move with the times. From here, you'll easily start to identify what you need to stop doing and all importantly, what you need to focus on. That's not just business strategy. It comes down to who you are at your core, and that's brand.

Remember, brand is not just a logo (and certainly not one that your mate drew on the back of a fag packet twenty years ago). Get your whole business ethos on the right flight path, starting now.

IGNITE can help you distil down those business brand truths and start your journey to a more fitting brand.

Your brand migration begins here.

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