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IMAGINE a web platform

  • which helps you implement your brand.

  • which makes your brand guidelines accessible in an easy to navigate web format.


  • which keeps your brand in check across all your employees and agencies globally.

  • which automates the typesetting of basic templates which would otherwise come at a hefty design cost.

  • which relies on live feed data from key contacts across your company to ensure your brand templates are always up to date.

  • which permits the transcreation of various campaign and events assets so that your marketing teams can always be on brand.

  • which gives you detailed reporting on all downloads, orders, spend and distribution.

  • which integrates single-sign on log-ins for your employees and approved agencies.

  • is tailored to match your own brand's visual identity.

Available features.

Six modules


Guidelines - Make your brand guidelines easy to access for your employees and third parties.  Allow users to digest relevant chapters for print, digital, social or video elements depending on what is most relevant to them.

Media - Upload zip files of your brand bank of images and other media files.  Users can search, shop for and download their selected image assets in various file sizes/formats.

Product store - Upload your branded products, descriptions and images so that your global employees have access to all brand approved stock.  Integrate this tool with your logistics supplier's tech platform for live stock levels and a complete history of orders.

Toolkits - Upload zip files containing your core brand assets so that your agencies and employees can download what they need to complete their work in a brand approved format.  MS Office Templates, Logos and icons, Video assets, Web assets and more.

Templater - Live information is inputted by your global compliance, legal and facilities teams which means that outputs for basic brand templates such as business stationery and email signatures are always up to date with the correct regulatory wording and office addresses.  Users can personalise the output and choose whether to output as a pdf or send to print via your print logistics provider.  Templates such as event name badges, client / visitor passes can also be produced via the tool.

Events and campaign builder - Your brand team will be able to control the core assets for central events and campaigns and signal to your marketing teams to transcreate the assets.  Basic templates such as email banners, printed banners and invitations and social digital images can be created and output via the tool to save on typesetting hours and costs. Users will be guided through the process to build their own event/campaign.



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