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How easy is it to self-build your own website?

From a technical perspective, there are lots of platforms which will make it fairly easy, assuming you're reasonably tech savvy and have a little creative flair. At IGNITE we like an easy to work with interface, a good selection of creative templates, a range of useful apps / add-ins and something that is easy for our clients to manage themselves going forward. We have found 'Wix' fits the bill and it's recently been voted as the 2023 Best Website Builder too. We can also vouch for their great speed of response to questions or issues you may have.

There are plenty more though.. "Square Space", "Hostinger", "Go Daddy" and more.

Check out this article which might help you decide which is best for you:

But of course, self-build isn't always the way. Perhaps you have something which needs bespoke web-coding and, for that, you need to consult the pros. Remember though - great website builders (who write code) aren't always website 'designers'. Often builders appreciate a designed layout to work from to help them concentrate on the more geeky techy bits!

Will you build your own?

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