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Make the most of post!

Our top tips for successful direct mail.

Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, advertise an event, product, service, increase membership subscriptions or re-engage your consumers, here's our top tips on what's important for successful direct mail:

- Start by creating an email & address database of your customer details.

- Ensure your mail is innovative, has a striking design and is produced with good print/paper quality but make sure it's recyclable or the contents are consumable.

- Use a punchy or intriguing headline to catch the attention of the recipient.

- Personalise if budget allows. Don't be afraid of a handwritten approach if your customer list isn't too long!

- Try and tell a story in your body copy but make it short and sweet so it's easy to read.

- Make sure you use a clear call to action; you must tell the reader what they should do next.

When did you last receive a marketing mailshot that made you smile?

Make the most of post.

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