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Will they find your licensing infringements?

Did you know that your sales teams could be guilty of copyright infringement if they are taking images from the web for their sales presentations? It's a frequent occurrence even in the heavily regulated large blue-chip firms.

As a brand team, you need to make your colleagues aware of the damage that can be done if image copyright is being ignored or overlooked.

The fair use doctrine does allow for a small number of circumstances where you can reuse copyright-protected material without getting the copyright owner's permission, but a sales pitch certainly isn't one of them!

Why not make sure you're doing everything by the book by purchasing a decent brand bank of imagery and paying for the right licenses to share across your global employee base. If you're not doing it that way, you'll be clocking up far greater costs than necessary by everyone being "download happy" and working in silos. That's as well as shortening the odds of colleagues veering off-brand in their image searches.

You've probably got a digital asset management system in place which might help you manage these assets, but does it help you stay in complete control? Does it know who's downloading these images? Does it auto-email those people if a license has expired?

Save costs, save yourself a lawsuit, get the imagery module. #imagery #copyright #fairusedoctrine

DAM - it's not good enough!

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