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Out of SENQ?

If your merchandise doesn't pass the SENQ test - it's time to flag it.

Sustainable, Ethical, Necessary, Good Quality.

These days you shouldn't really have to question whether your branded merchandise adheres to all the above criteria, but if there's any doubt, it's time to flag it.

In a time where ESG is coming to the fore in every reputable organisation, as a brand manager, you simply can't ignore how this plays out in what you give out!

Your firm’s conscientiousness for social and environmental factors is probably higher now than ever, so before you spend the marketing or events budget on some cheap branded tat, here's a checklist of things to consider:

Sustainability - Are your items fully recyclable? Are they made from recycled material? Is packaging kept to a minimum? How big is the carbon footprint for both making and delivering these items?

Ethical standards - Are your items made in reputable warehouses with fair standards and conditions of working? Do any proceeds from these items benefit charities?

Necessary - Can you justify that a giveaway is required to enhance your campaign or event? Are your items going to be considered necessary by both those receiving them and those giving them out? Are they essential items in daily life?

Quality - Are your items premium? Are they going to last the test of time? Are they going to enhance your brand's reputation.

Make sure you conduct the SENQ test and are happy with the score for your branded kit before you commit to buy. #sustainability #ethics #qualitycontrol #necessary #brandedmerchandise #SENQtest #ESG #recyclable #lessismore

Do the SENQ test!

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