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SPJ Horsebox Hire

SPJ Horsebox Hire needed a new visual identity, a website which was able to take online bookings and business launch socials on Facebook and Instagram.

IGNITE were challenged with creating this brand's complete visual identity from scratch.

We worked with the client on the brand's strategic architecture and having set the foundations, brand values and personality, we were able to brief our designer for production of the full visual identity. This included the logo, colour palette and font which then led to the design of the decals on the horsebox and helped us find a location for the photoshoot which complemented the colour scheme and ambience.

We conducted a full brand photography shoot, the output of which gave us imagery for a smart new website and to execute our campaign launch promotion ideas.

Social media posts launched in October so we were able to include a Halloween promotion.  No paid marketing was conducted but the Client achieved 200 followers in the first month just via organic promotion.

IGNITE were responsible for all the website copy, promotional wording and launch campaign ideas.

SPJ Horsebox Hire launched in October 2023.

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