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Second Sight

Second Sight Investigations were attracting significant media attention due to one of their cases. They quickly needed a brand new VI, website launch, social media platform rollout and various templates.

IGNITE were challenged with creating a brand new visual identity and implementing this across a vast array of marketing touchpoints for Second Sight Investigations who, almost overnight, became internationally recognised through working on the now famous case 'The Post Office Scandal'.

Brand equity for the business escalated quickly as a result of enormous media attention but their visual identity was non existent, their website was not able to be found easily via Google and hence, the business looked unprofessional which led to queries regarding their legitimacy.

IGNITE needed to act fast in order to create:

  • a brand strategy, brand values and tone of voice

  • new brand guidelines for a visual identity incorporating new logo, colour palette, imagery theme and typography elements.

  • a new website, associated copy and a recommended change of domain name.

  • new social media pages and associated launch posts.

  • a you tube channel

  • new Microsoft Office templates, email signatures, Company stationery etc

Second Sight Investigations will launch their new website and visual identity in February 2024.

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