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IT Foundations

IT Foundations wanted a complete refresh to their visual identity and their whole suite of marketing touchpoints.

IT Foundations had used their original visual identity for over 20 years so it was felt it was time for a makeover.

IGNITE conducted an initial brand strategy session to determine how the new VI would take shape.

We looked at IT Foundations' vision for the company going forwards, their competitors and brand values which resonated with them and would appeal to prospective clients.

We focused on:

  • Designing a bright, welcoming and symbolic logo representing the simplicity and friendliness they bring to powering IT support, together with their ability to find solutions to client problems.

  • Introducing a vibrant colour palette, connected to the electric neon blue seen in PC power buttons combined with a nod to their Scottish roots.

  • Sourcing and designing patters, imagery and icons to aid brand recognition across social platforms and other marketing material to connect clients with their services.

  • Providing guideline templates for their marketing touchpoints such as reports, brochures, flyers, website and email marketing.

  • Writing new punchy 'About Us' copy to help differentiate them and provide stand out from their competition.

The new look for IT Foundations launched in February 2024.

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