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EquiSupps needed to keep the original logo but the website and social media needed a refresh.

IGNITE were challenged to strengthen the brand’s visual impact which we did by enhancing the vibrancy of the colours and setting against a darker background to create an energy that was previously lacking in the old visuals.

While the logo stayed the same, we did need to redraw the wordmark and icon so that it could be used effectively against various backgrounds and across a number of marketing materials.

To grab consumer attention, we also held a new product photo shoot to sharpen the images, adding a powerful explosion of the powdered supplement to the background to encourage the perception of movement in the shots. 

We also:

  • re-built the EquiSupps website with superior functionality; capturing client data more effectively and providing an easier way of handling the distribution logistics

  • set up email marketing and social image templates with the same visual identity as the website

  • created a tri-fold marketing flyer that can be printed on demand in low numbers

The refreshed look for EquiSupps went live in November 2023.

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